Double Glazed Glass

double glazed

Double Glazed Glass in Dubai

Double Glazed Glass sheet, with aluminum spacers set between two sheets. And the whole unit is airtight fixed with polysulfide, polyurethane; or silicon sealant as per the auxiliary necessity of coating. The Product offers plan adaptability in colors, light conveyance; sun based reflection, energy proficiency. And significant energy cost decreases contrasted with conventional glasses.

Passage entryways in structures, windows for vehicles, ships, inside apparatuses. Balustrade, Double Glazed Glass, outrageous breeze loads, chimney fenced in areas, reasonable where wellbeing glass is required.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide the most competitive price in Dubai for any type of office glass partition or glass partition system and all kind of glass mirror works provide an efficient and professional supply & installation service in Dubai at your door step.

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