Do You Have a Noise Problem with your Sliding Window in Dubai

soundproof window

Sliding Window Noise or Air Issue

Soundproof additional swing window can reduction your noise percentages as 75% to 80%. The basic problem is the human ear while sleeping. In additional, many dubai locations, building apartments are getting more noise because of road traffic and air issue for upper level apartment.

  • Soundproof Swing Windows or Fixed Window can reduce the current noise levels by 80% or by 65%, depends as per the location. Depending the current on actual noise levels, noise or air dust reduction may be perceived.

Sliding Windows are all too often a source of noise transmission in Dubai. To eliminate window sound problems, installing a sliding window with higher sound ratings is the ideal solution.

Our swing window an affordable high performance to reduce or control the noise. Our Engineer and technical department will install one more additional swing window if there is space for it. We do also all kind of glass, mirror and aluminium works for future requirements.

  • Dual panel window installation can say they stop the noise – and in some apartment noise level environments they do. We can also say they reduce the noise more than 50% but its true we do it more then 50% reading compared to a poorly sealing with new swing window.

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